As president of Hageneering, Erik Hagen is in charge of the company’s operations and strategy, overseeing client and vendor relationships. Erik works closely with clients to define scopes of work, develop equipment requirements, allocate Hageneering resources, and ensure quality throughout each project. In this role, Erik is a key participant in internal and external design reviews and testing.

Erik is often called in to solve challenging problems on complex mechanical equipment around the world, such as Universal Studios Singapore, Disney Shanghai, and Warner Bros Park in Abu Dhabi.

In addition to work in the entertainment industry, Erik worked as an engineer in oil and gas, designing and implementing solutions to improve plant production, safety, and maintainability. His work dealt with piping, tanks, pumps, and compressors that operated at temperature and pressure extremes. 

Erik has also provided development testing engineering services at SpaceX, helping validate aerospace structures prior to flight. His work dealt with mechanical structures, hydraulics, strain gage testing, and dynamic testing.


Hageneering aspires to be the world’s premier engineering, fabrication, testing, and technical management organization by achieving extraordinary results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and creating an exceptional value for our clients.

We are passionate about working on cutting edge, large scale, and complex equipment. By dividing an intricate problem into many smaller, easily achievable tasks, our team is able to accomplish seemingly impossible engineering feats both efficiently and quickly.