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What can Hageneering do for you?




​Technical Management
Feasibility studies, risk analysis, facility input and budget estimates, fabrication strategies, installation strategies, and owner’s representation.


Concept Design
Let us help you to: define the problem, research background information, specify requirements, brainstorm solutions, evaluate options for safety, quality, budget, and risk, and choose winning solutions.


Detailed Design
Producing mechanical and control system schematics, fabrication and welding drawings, assembly drawings, operational and maintenance documentation, and stress analysis reports.

Creating prototypes and mockups, mechanical equipment, and control systems. Testing and adjusting systems to meet performance requirements. Verifying equipment integrity through cycle testing and factory acceptance testing.


Installation Supervision
Managing local welders, fitters, installers, and electricians. Cooperating with other vendors on site for seamless integration. Testing and programming support. Verifying equipment integrity through cycle testing and site acceptance testing.

3rd Party Engineering Consulting
Engineering design reviews, stress analysis reports, fabrication quality control, safety evaluations, compliance to standards and specifications.
Product design and development

Creating prototypes and final designs for products such as machinery, vehicles, and consumer goods.

Manufacturing consulting

Providing guidance and support for the production of products, including identifying and addressing production bottlenecks, improving efficiency, and reducing costs.

Failure analysis

Identifying the root cause of a mechanical failure and providing recommendations for how to prevent similar failures in the future.

Systems integration

Integrating different mechanical systems and components to create a cohesive whole, such as integrating a new component into an existing machine.

Maintenance Engineering

Providing regular maintenance and repairs for mechanical systems to ensure their continued proper functioning.

Robotics and Automation

Designing and implementing robotic systems and automation technologies for various applications.

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