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Design. Fabrication. Installation. Testing.

Hageneering provides precision engineering and fabrication services

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals is dedicated to providing innovative solutions for a wide range of engineering challenges.


We have a strong foundation in the principles of engineering, including materials science, structural, mechanisms, fluid mechanics, and robotics. We have expertise in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Whether you are looking for help with the design and development of a new product, the optimization of an existing system, or the troubleshooting of a complex problem, we have the knowledge and tools to assist you.

We are committed to delivering the highest quality work and exceptional customer service. Thank you for considering us for your engineering needs.

Our specialty is solving complex engineering challenges for our clients so they can focus on bigger strategic goals. Using our engineering expertise and deep understanding of the industry, you’ll receive timely, cost effective, and field-proven solutions that work in real life. 

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We provide Design & Build services for clients across the world, including:

London, UK


Beijing, China

Wuhan, China

Shanghai, China

Danang, Vietnam

Osaka, Japan

Anchorage, AK

Orlando, FL

Houston, TX

Hollywood, CA

Hawthorne, CA

Dearborne, MI

Vicenza, Italy

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For the Automotive Industry, Hageneering has worked with high end suppliers, such as Singer Vehicle Designs, to deliver custom lift equipment for the front suspension pod. 

For the Entertainment Industry, Hageneering has a track record of delivering high-quality animatronic equipment. We have worked with Universal Studios in Beijing to design and build intricate animatronics less than 1 meter tall, and have also created large animated props and show action equipment over 10 meters tall for Warner Bros. in Abu Dhabi. In addition to our work on animatronics, we have also provided engineering consulting services for special effects systems, including steam and liquid nitrogen effects, for Universal Studios locations in Singapore, Hollywood, and Japan.

For the Aerospace Industry, Hageneering has amassed a range of expertise in the design and build of innovative systems. We have used actuators that can generate up to 250 kN of force for structural testing of the SpaceX capsule nosecone, and have designed and built a 6 meter tall zero gravity simulator for spacecraft testing operations at Cape Canaveral. In addition, we have also contributed to the design and build of a high-pressure flight piping system that operates at over 6000 psig for Relativity Space.

See some of the other projects we've done.


At Hageneering, we are committed to providing innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions to our clients. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to excellence and delivering the highest quality products and services. We envision being the go-to resource for all of our clients' engineering needs.

  • Product design and development

  • Manufacturing consulting

  • Failure analysis

  • Systems integration

  • Maintenance engineering

  • Robotics and automation

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